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What the Leader Imam of Ansar-Ud-Deen has to mention after Etinosa threatened to ‘reduce to rubble’ the Holy Quran

What the Chief Imam of Ansar-Ud-Deen has to say after Etinosa threatened to ‘mess up’ the Holy Quran

Over the weekend, Nollywood actress and comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia sparked an outrage on-line after she used the bible as her ashtray as she smoked.

She even went on to explain Provers 22:6 which reads “teach up a kid when he’s younger and when he’s outdated he’ll no longer go away from it” as a rip-off, said that nobody will have to blame her mom as she continues to be departing although she used to be educated and retrained.”

She took to social media to threaten to additionally use the Holy Quran as an ashtray.

Reacting to her arguable danger, Leader Imam of Ansar-Ud-Deen, Abdulrahman Ahmad condemned the actress’ movements, announcing there are penalties for any of those movements.

The preferred Islamic Student used to be quoted on Opera Information as announcing:

“This can be a pity for us as a folks and a rustic that we’re the place we’re nowadays. I don’t love to touch upon problems like this as a result of I feel it’s beneath the dignitary of spiritual folks and the ones with sense of right and wrong and goodwill to be commenting on problems like this. Kind of, people are looking to gain status and we will have to no longer lend a hand them. In a different way, this factor will have to no longer be mentioned in any respect; it’s unhealthy information. This can be a unhappy statement. It questions our collective morality; why will have to we be discussing problems like this and celebrating it; popularizing a wayward particular person.

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Whether or not it’s the Bible, the Quran or another holy e-book; will have to no longer popularize or sensationalize it. Whether or not one thing occurs to them-(the actor) or no longer.

“I condemn, with none reservation somebody who desecrates the Bible up to I condemn somebody who makes an attempt to desecrate the Quran. It isn’t one thing that we will have to be discussing. We will have to no longer even take a look at it from the perspective of- ‘if one thing goes to occur to her or no longer’. That any individual dared to insult and violate the spiritual sensibility of others is condemnable. It’s worse than hate speech as a result of it would set the country in song response . It might be destabilizing. It isn’t a part of any one’s freedom to insult the sensibility both cultural or faith of others.

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“We will have to to not give prominence to this waywardness. This can be a collective insult on Nigerians as a deeply spiritual neighborhood. I condemn whoever desecrates the Bible and Quran. There are penalties for any of those movements. If the regulation enforcement companies don’t act on unwarranted provocation; then they will have to additionally no longer act when the repercussions begin to come. That is my opinion.

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“No matter threatens the peace and balance of Nigeria is illegitimate. Is it freedom? In the event that they don’t forestall this, when the chain reactions begins, they don’t have any ethical proper to do anything else.”

He persevered,“It’s been dominated by means of the Eu courtroom of human proper that to insult a spiritual persona isn’t a part of freedom speech. It will no longer be a part of freedom to desecrate what folks cling sacred,” he added.

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